4 Ways Technology is Improving the Healthcare Industry
April 17, 2019

4 Ways Technology is Improving the Healthcare Industry

Technology is everywhere and behind everything, and even though most people extensively benefit from it in multiple ways, they do so without ever realizing it. Maybe in the near future we will see robotic parking and ambulances coming to get us. Not only would it be more efficient, but robotic valet parking in California, for example, would allow you to get to your family member in the hospital much quicker than if you had to park yourself. Due to the all-pervasive nature of modern tech, the healthcare industry has benefited from its use in countless ways, but if we had to pick just a few of the technological breakthroughs that are actively improving the quality of healthcare everywhere, the following will stand out.

Easy Access to Medical Information

All you need to do is Google the name of a medicine that your doctor has prescribed for you, and a number of SERPs will show up to answer all your queries regarding what it is, what it does, and where you can find it.

Similarly, you can use search engines to basically find any medical information that you need, which has made everything from finding and contacting medical personnel to increasing one’s own knowledge regarding various medical conditions and their respective treatment options, a simple matter of going through the easily available information on the internet. This has effectively changed lives and continues to save lives each and every day.

The Introduction of the Medical Alert System

We just discussed how easy it has now become to find information and contact the right kind of medical help when we need it, thanks to search engines and the internet, but emergency situations generally do not give us much time to act. In severe cases when the person in danger is alone, they may not even be able to call 9-1-1 in time.

Medical alert systems have proven themselves to be a life-saving piece of technology in such circumstances. All the patient needs to do is press a button and the associated service will immediately contact the person, his/her emergency contact, and the emergency response team, depending on the severity of the incident.

Certain advanced medical alert systems can also detect if the person faints and falls or slips, in which case, it will activate automatically. If this sounds like a very useful feature to have, then you are right because it most definitely is.

Nonetheless, read this first before getting it for yourself, any elderly family member, a friend or anyone else who is at high risk of suffering such an incident. The link leads to the Medical Alert Buyers Guide website, where you will be able to go through the reviews of all the latest products that are available in the market, before investing money in any of them.

EHR Systems Have Solved the Patient Data Management Issue

Everything related to a patient’s medical history is now easily accessible to the doctors and qualified medical personnel. Electronic health Record keeping has eliminated the need for updating and maintaining thousands of physical files for patients, which has not just saved a tremendous amount of space and reduced expenses significantly for the healthcare facilities, but it has protected the patient records from being lost or simply damaged over the course of time.

Any medical detail about a patient which was recorded in the system at any point of time can now be found by EHR professionals in a matter of seconds, which has sped up both administering treatment and insurance procedures significantly.

Use of Robotics in Surgery

Robotic surgery deserves a special mention since minimally invasive prostatectomies, coronary artery bypass surgeries, gallbladder removals, hysterectomies and various other forms of surgeries have been made possible by robotics.

This has directly benefited both surgeons and patients tremendously, leading to lower recovery time, minimal scarring, and lower overall risks associated with each of the surgeries.

A list of everything that tech is involved in for changing the healthcare industry for the better would be too long if it had to be comprehensive, and even that list would continue to grow because there is still a lot more to come in the near future.