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10 Tips To Keep Men's Mind and Body Active

Everybody knows that exercise is good for the body and mind. A recent study led by DR Hideaki Soya from the Japan University of Tsukuba showed that physical fitness dramatically increases people mental fitness and brain productivity in older men.

Overcrowded schedule, digital media distractions, and everyday life can get in the way of taking care of your body and subsequently mind.

There is a strong bond between the active mind and body. You won’t get the whole benefits package developing just one side. For absolute best mind and body fitness, you should follow these complementary tips.

10 Tips To Keep Men's Mind and Body Active

Top tips for keeping your mind and body fit

Physical activity will increase your mental abilities, and additional mind exercises can sharpen the awaken brain. You will have more energy and perform better in personal and business life, but a healthier and fitter body and soul will shield you from many diseases of modern society like diabetes, obesity, and depression. Memory enhancement will lower the risk or slow down degenerative disease like Alzheimer. To get you into great mind and body shape, we gathered some easy to follow tips.

1. Get enough sleep

Create a sleeping routine and stick to it. Having a sleep schedule is almost as important as the number of hours you sleep. Try to have at least 7 hours of good night sleep in regular cycles. This alone will amp up your productivity and give you more energy for exercise.

2. Exercise in good company

If you like going to the gym, running or riding a bike, you’re good. Just continue with that pattern at least three times a week. But for all couch potato’s out there force yourself to the exercise. Try finding something you like, create a friend circle, and play basketball or badminton in a group, or simply make yourself go regardless. The benefits are enormous. Once you feel the first cortisol level rise from fitness or see the glimpse of a result in the mirror, your mindset will change.

3. Chess, golf, yoga, running, and other recreational sports

If you are not a gym type, some sports will make you addictive. Golf is a mental escape from reality. Green grass, concentration, going against others and yourself, practicing your put shot will benefit your body and mind. Yoga is not only for women.

It will teach you how to breathe and stretch and have various other benefits. Running is the most common fitness activity, and people that get hooked run every day. Chess is an excellent mental exercise. Pair it with some physical activity, and your mind will be sharp. Other sports you could consider: martial arts like karate, tae-kwon do or boxing, cycling, skiing, swimming, and many others.

4. Walking is great

You don’t have to workout hardcore athlete-style. Maybe you will be better off with walking. Take a long walk with a decent tempo and do it every day. Use weekends and go on nearby trails, hiking, trekking. Get a dog. He will get you out of your chair at least two times a day.

5. Drop the sugar

Sugar is in everything. Almost all processed food contains sugar, so the best thing for your metabolism is to cut all additional sources of sugar like sodas, cookies, cakes. You will probably have severe addiction crisis at first, but after a while, you will be energized and embrace positive lifestyle changes easier.

6. Read books

Highly successful people read at least five books a month. Reading books enhances cognitive skills, vocabulary, and have a positive impact on cerebral activity. The great side effect is learning new stuff, skills, or just improving the number of words you use.

7. Don’t multitask

Multitasking is notoriously bad for your stress and performance level. Your mind should be focused on the task ahead. This way, you will preserve your self from overload. Remember, you are not supermen, and you can find help. If you need to finish your spreadsheet, but also have a report to finish, why not hire essay writing services and let the professionals handle the writing while you complete your primary task.

8. Learn languages

Learning foreign languages can light up the cortex like a few other mental tasks. Your mind will be more flexible and sharp; you will practice your memory, and knowing even basic Italian can come in handy when visiting Rome.

9. Learn to play an instrument

Music is one of the great joys in the world. With learning to play an instrument you don’t have to dream of becoming the lead guitarist in Pearl Jam, but having a guitar, piano or drum lessons will stimulate brain activity, concentration, and mental prowess.

10. Play videogames

This sounds odd. Well, we do not suggest you play for countless hours, but playing games enhances your perception and mental toughness. The key is to limit your screen time, mainly if your work also includes looking at computers.

10 Tips To Keep Men's Mind and Body Active


The hardest thing to do is to start. Once you begin with physical activity and get the first results, the motivation will come along. Exercise alone will not get you in both physical and mental shape. You have to take care of your body by avoiding junk food and having enough sleep. With regular body fitness, you should exercise your brain. Challenge your mind with quality books, demanding games, and constant learning are essential for men’s health.

Embrace outdoor living, go for a walk, and enjoy the light of a day. With better mental and body shape, you will thrive in private and professional life.

Guest article written by Elizabeth Skinner is a freelance author and essay writer with a background in covering educational and cultural topics. Elisabeth’s style is engaging and active in promoting positive ideas. Her mission is to transfer her to know-how and rich experience in the form of high-quality articles and blog posts.

10 Tips To Keep Men's Mind and Body Active