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10 Diet Tips for Sleeping Better And Getting Healthy

Staying fit and healthy is not a choice, it is essential in order to live long and without any disease. Many people follow a strict diet in order to stay healthy, but there are diets with many loopholes, an unhealthy diet eventually can take a toll on your health as well as sleep pattern.

Here are some excellent diet tips which can change your lifestyle for the good, moreover, you an follow these tips to induce peaceful sleep.

1.    Eat A Balanced Diet

It is must eat a mixed up diet in order to stay healthy and pass all the essential nutrients to your body. For a healthy dose of sleep, you must eat a varied diet that includes all the green vegetables and fruits. Never stuck into a single fruit or vegetable during your diet. You can also prepare a vegetable loaded meal which can keep your health as well won't hamper your sleep routine.   

2.    Tea To The Rescue

Herbals teas are the best choice to relax and rejuvenate your soul. It also helps to promote peaceful sleep and is must especially when you are following the diet to stay healthy and fit. They are many herbal teas like chamomile, lavender, lemon, etc which works as a sleep aid. These herbal teas are loading with natural antioxidant and calming agent which reduces anxiety and initiates good sleep.

According to Amanzi tea, Both caffeine and catechin EGCG have been shown to boost your metabolism.  Just choose a good quality green tea as your best diet green tea to make sure you enjoy the experience.

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3.    Avoid Carb Rich Food

When it comes to eating, it is best to avoid food indulgence during the late evening, it can affect the core body temperature. Moreover, it takes more time to digest carb-rich food. Also, avoid eating food which can raise the core body temperature, it can take more time for the digestive system to digest the food and promote natural sleep.

4.    Chocolate

This is surely going to be a piece of good news for the chocolate lovers, chocolate contain a good amount of magnesium which promotes good sleep. You can simply pop in a square of dark chocolate or grab a mug of hot cocoa or drink cool chocolate smoothie to get sleep time.

5.    Say Good Bye to Caffeine

If you want to indulge in good sleep, avoid caffeine loaded drink after 3 pm. It is must if you love to drink coffee and are have sleep issues, it could possibly be due to the caffeine.

6.    Eat Nuts

Snack and raw nuts are loaded with natural nutrients and antioxidant properties, it promotes good sleep and does not affect your diet. Nuts like almonds and walnuts contain sleep-inducing melatonin which allows the body to take better rest.

7.    Drink Sufficient Water

It is must to quench your thirst, avoid waking up in the middle of the night by limiting the water consumption before going to bed.  You don’t want to visit the loo frequently while you are sleeping peacefully. It is best to drink enough water during the day time and limit the water intake by late evening to sleep better.

8.    Wine

As per the research red wines contain a high level of melatonin which promotes good sleep. It is best to limit your wine intake by 1 or 2 glass maximum along with dinner. The wine consumption should not be too close to the bedtime as the alcohol can have a negative effect on the sleep pattern.

9.    Avoid Processed Sugar

A balanced diet should contain whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It is better to avoid high fatty and sugary food before going to sleep. But if you still crave for something sweet, then instead of eating snacks full of sugar, you can go for some healthy and low sugar snacks.

10. Sleeping Immediately

Make sure to give a time gap of at least 2-3 hours after your dinner, it is also best to avoid heavy and fatty dishes. These can keep you up for a long-time duration which at the end affects your sleep pattern. It is a must for the body to get at least a few hours in order to digest and process the food particles. Hence, also eat your last meal of the day 2-3 hours prior to bedtime. Moreover, it is totally not advisable to lie down with full tummy, it can lead to acid spill and may also cause acid reflux.  Sometimes, when your tummy is full with high fatty dishes you can experience heartburn and restlessness which can harm your peaceful sleep.

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10 Diet Tips for Sleeping Better And Getting Healthy