What is Etherscan, and how does it work?
April 16, 2022

What is Etherscan, and how does it work?

Etherscan is also known as "Ethplorer" is arguably the most credible tool for steering through the entire public data available on the Ethereum blockchain. This public data includes smart contracts, wallet addresses, transaction data, and lots more. Bitcoin forks is also self-contained and is neither administered nor sponsored by the  Ethereum Foundation.

The team behind this remarkable app consists of industry professionals and seasoned developers to make the Ethereum blockchain more accessible to individuals. However, even though Etherscan is a centralized platform, the application makes it simpler for individuals to search through the vast Ethereum blockchain

Is Etherscan a wallet?

Etherscan is not a digital wallet nor is it a service provider for crypto-wallets. Etherscan.io is a centralized block explorer established in the Ethereum blockchain. Etherscan is an app that keeps a record of all transactions of the Ethereum blockchain network.

Naturally, the app displays all completed transactions similar to a search engine. Hence, users can easily search for transaction details on the Ethereum blockchain network. However, to be able to search for any transaction on Etherscan, users will have to link the app to their crypto wallets.

So you might be thinking — is Etherscan a free app to use? Well, the answer is Yes! The application is free to use.

What is Etherscan used for?

Etherscan enables users to search for crypto assets stored in any public Ethereum wallet address. To use the app, input your Ethereum wallet address into the search box and the necessary information will be displayed. Information such as the transaction history, current balance, pending transaction of the wallet in question will be displayed. The Etherscan also displays the smart contract and gas fees that pertain to the address.

In summary, users can make use of Etherscan to;

  • Compute Ethereum gas fees using the Etherscan gas tracker
  • Crosscheck and validate smart contracts
  • Display the crypto assets linked or stored with a public wallet address
  • Detect live transactions that occur on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Crosscheck every transaction executed on the Ethereum wallet
  • Find out which smart contracts have a security audit and validated source code
  • Monitor the number of smart contracts a user has endorsed with their crypto wallet
  • Examine and withdraw access to a crypto wallet for any decentralized applications (DApps)
  • Display both pending and failed transactions on the Ethereum blockchain


Etherscan also helps to monitor the progress of pending incoming transfers. A good way to monitor such transactions is to search for Etherscan.io via its hash keys. With this, users can get an estimate of the time it will take for the transaction to get approved. Once the transaction is approved, the app refreshes and updates itself.

Etherscan also serves as an analytics platform such that users can evaluate on-chain metrics such as modification to Ether's costs. Etherscan scan isbalsobi portfolio and track their transaction history for auspicious activities.

Although, please note that the only data available on the Etherscan app is public data on Ethe Ethereum blockchain. Hence, inspection about a user's private jets can be found on Etherscan. The Etherscan app does not keep any information on private keys and cannot be used to solve any issues related to unconfirmed transactions.

Do users need an account to use Etherscan?

users don't need to register and own an account to use Etherscan. However, registering and owning an account gives users additional features. Some of these features include the capacity to receive notifications and track addresses each time a transaction is executed. Users with an account quell also have free access to the application programming interfaces (APIs) and explorer data available on the Etherscan blockchain.

Furthermore, users with accounts can also pin wallet addresses to the "watch list" on the app to track and monitor if they have crypto assets. Alerts can also be set by users so they don't miss any pending transactions. Users with accounts get to create decentralized apps using API services.

Etherscan displays theses information for all outgoing and incoming  transactions:

  • Receiver and sender addresses
  • Transaction hash
  • Number of blocks which transaction was documented and the time such a transaction was approved
  • Gas fee
  • Total transaction fee
  • Amount sent