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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Based Game to Play and Earn

The recent years have seen a good growth of digital currencies like Bitcoin and ETH, to name a few. It has now entered into diverse domains, including the gaming world. Reports also suggest the surge of digital currency based games have mushroomed in a big way. We have seen that games like Spilterlands, Alien World and DappRadar seemed to have come along with substantial user bases. We see the two former games having an active user base of around 340K and 248K, respectively.

These games have brought a tremendous amount of money, reaching around 2.38 B USD in balances. Several digital currency based games are looking for more investments and users. Hence we have seen a good potential of these games in particular. This post will discuss the top 5 digital currency-based games that can help you earn. Explore this page to understand more about the Future of Digital Currency.


It is one of the first digital currency based games that allows the games to solve specific challenge questions. Besides, you have other tasks, including designing quizzes, monetizing and constructing things on their own, and playing some Polygon blockchain. The best part of this game is that it is free to play and simple to learn apart from earning. At the same time, we can see several key milestones that come with Meland having some options to achieve good games-based knowledge and gaining an excellent content-based platform that is rewarded with the users to create, play, and learn. Also, this platform has three key components – play, explore and develop, followed by making to earn good money. 

2). Metastrike 

This game remains simple to play and earn with too much VR role having some similar sort of counter strike having a similar role as seen above. We find this game with two tokens. The first deals with massive money of 565 M, while the second one has a massive supply. At the same time, we see Metastrike having several investors, including GD 10 Ventures, Enjinstarter and Seedify, to name a few. If you are interested in participating in this game, you have to buy any of the tokens and then distribute them in four categories – Seed, Public, Strategic and Public IDO. 

3). Synesis One 

We find this game popular in the decentralized community of some committed contributors, consumers, and traders. These people can easily compete and cooperate when developing the Web3Data utility and earning money with ontology seeking the NFTs. Moreover, the platform often works in connection with a multi-chain setting. For example, suppose you want to save gas; this game relies on the Blockchain technologies like Solana that makes the deployment simple. When you rely on this platform, you enjoy several benefits, including resistance to censorship, decentralization, security and permission. 

4). Astra Guild Venture 

The game is more known as AGV, and it mainly deals with the NF Tokens and other Blockchain-based assets. The game's objective is to develop the biggest and best community of NFT and Blockchain technology leaders, contributors, and enthusiasts. The token can have different kinds of supply that come to around 2 Billion in number. These are used in different ways. For example, it pays for different services, AGV networks, and several other things. 

5). Solice 

It remains an essential and open environment with several possibilities, including VR Metaverse that further help the users to play, socialize, and even sell their immersive virtual experience and the Solana Blockchain. The users like this game for many reasons. Some of these include solving the lack of immersive and having the asset-based ownership that is further kept in maintaining the visual performance. In addition, some of the features you enjoy with this game include getting good connectivity with the wallets, the option of playing only to earn, avail of the DeFi based components and Marketplace, to name a few. 

Wrapping up

These are some of the popular cryptocurrency-based games you can play earn. So, what are you waiting for? Just go for it!


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