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How To Earn Crypto By Walking


Sweatcoin is a mobile app that rewards you with cryptocurrency for walking. You can earn most popular cryptocurrencies by using the Sweatcoin app on your phone, and you only need to walk. You'll make more money by walking more. Sweatcoins can be used as payment for gym memberships or even exchanged at an exchange like Binance.

With Sweatcoin, you can earn crypto in a fun and creative way.

Sweatcoin is the first app that lets you earn crypto by walking. It's a free app that you can download on your phone, and it works by tracking how many steps you've taken every day. Once it has enough data about your daily activity (you can choose how often to sync with the Sweatcoin servers), you will get payout rewards in cryptocurrency.

Each reward corresponds to a number of sweatcoins—so if you get paid $1 for one step yesterday and another $1 today, then tomorrow, when you take a usual walk around town, you will also earn two sweatcoins, two more from our algorithmically determined payout rate.

Download the app

Simply download the app to your phone to get started. Utilize it after installation to track your steps and earn cryptocurrency for walking by taking pictures of you or other app users. This could be the best way to make money through walking as it is the easiest way by which you can earn money and also keep yourself healthy and fit. This way could be the best way of making money through walking. Cryptocurrencies cannot be reached easily, so this method of earring is one of the easiest ways. The only thing to keep in mind while walking is completing the target so you can earn money easily.

Tracking of Steps while walking

Your footsteps will be tracked. You can set a daily step goal and earn more money by walking more or referring friends and family members who want to make crypto. The purpose of the app is that you may earn by inviting your friends and family to join as well, not only by walking. If you make someone join the app, you will gain some profit in your account, which will be a good amount, and that way, you can make a profit.

Also, walking to specific steps and achieving certain goals will save you more money. The more you walk, the more profit you will make to get more money. The bitcoin trading platform could be the best platform from which you can get more details about the task and how to achieve the target. This platform will provide you with more detailed information, which will help you to make more profit.

You can earn for every step you walk.

If you're serious about making cryptocurrency, this is the perfect opportunity to start earning!

Sweatcoin can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies like USD and Euro. The more people who use Sweatcoin as their primary means of payment (i.e., not just for fitness), the higher its value will rise on an exchange market—all it takes is walking around town.

You can also earn more by referring friends and family members.

Referrals are a great way to earn more crypto. How can you help your friends or family member to sign up for the app? You could share your referral link on social media or email it directly to friends and family members who might want to join the walking club.

When someone joins as a walker, they get an opportunity to earn extra coins by completing specific tasks (like walking 100 miles) or inviting others along on their journey. You'll also get a portion of what they earn.

Download Sweatcoin to begin earning crypto by walking.

If you want to earn crypto by walking, download the Sweatcoin app on your phone. You can then start walking and earning crypto!

Things to know after downloading the app:

  • Open up Sweatcoin for Android or iOS (the same goes for Windows)
  • Tap on "Get Started" under "Start Earning Crypto Now"
  • Select how often you would like to walk to receive rewards in cryptocurrency


Remember, it's not just about earning money. It's a fun way to stay active while earning some extra cryptocurrency. You can use Sweatcoin's referral program to earn more coins that way; you will be able to make more profit. This way you can make more profit not only by walking but also by referring it to friends or family members.


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