Defying the bear market, this automated strategy is up 15% so far in 2022
April 16, 2022

Defying the bear market, this automated strategy is up 15% so far in 2022

Even during a prolonged market downturn, there are still profit chances for crypto investors but it can be a long and frustrating period for most. Many ideas that succeed when all is green yield to losses during this period, as such enhancing the profitability of the investment requires double the effort for half the results of blockchain technology.

It is exhausting to be unclear on how prolonged the market will be down therefore taking advantage of every accessible tool that can help investors make better decisions is critical within these moments.

The VORTECSTM Score, for example, is an algorithmic marker usable to Cointelegraph Markets Pro members that use records on cryptocurrency history to ascertain whether they are currently favorable, unfavorable, or neutral.

The Score can be utilized in a limitless number of instances, but one theoretical model based on identifying the dominant historical references bested both Bitcoin (BTC), which managed to lose about 25% of its valuation in the first 30 days of 2022, and the accumulated altcoin market, which has lost roughly the same amount. Between January 1 and January 27, this approach, dubbed "Buy 90/Sell 70," delivered a 15% gain.

What exactly does Buy 90/Sell 70 imply?

The biggest essential feature of VORTECSTM Ranking evaluation tactics is that they are not intended to be copied by individual users. Rather, they are used to evaluate the model's overall success in the long run.

This technique's trades take place on a web rather than on a real exchange and there can be several transactions every day, and with each transaction, the testing portfolio is returned according to an algorithm. Nonetheless, the results of these tests might paint a clear image of the application's efficiency.

The following is how the indicator works: Based on historical precedence, the higher the VORTECSTM Rating, the more certain the algorithm is that the measured variables are favorable for a coin. A rating of 80 is traditionally seen as strong certainty in the outlook's bullishness. Such scores are common, with roughly 50 occurrences each week on average.

Ratings of 90 and beyond are far more uncommon; on average, just a couple occur each week. They prove that in the earlier days, the observed exchange circumstances reliably appeared before significant price surges.

The Buy 90/Sell 70 approach entails purchasing any assets with a VORTECSTM Score of 90 and selling them whenever the score falls under 70. If the assessment algorithm already owns another asset before the next 90 hits, the portfolio is recalibrated to contain all of the qualifying assets in similar quantities.

How things turned out in 2022

An aggregate of Eighteen cryptocurrencies received a VORTECSTM Score of 90 in January 2022. Voyager Token (VGX), was one of them, having reached that point on Jan. 25 for $1.76. The price soared to $1.87 before the asset's ratings fell under 70. It rose to $2.07 in the hours after that, but the subsequent yield would not be factored for in the 90/70 outcome.

The markets that get a VORTECSTM Rating of 90 are more resistant to negative market movements than the majority of other currencies. These assets provided an estimated 5% gain within seven days of attaining the ultra-high rating in 2021, thanks to their highly healthy individual conditions.

Naturally, a high VORTECSTM Rating is never a determinant of overall price movement. During the first weeks of 2022, all approaches based on acquiring at a rating of 80, for instance, had negative returns. The effectiveness of the 90/70 technique, on the other hand, demonstrates that historical records may be incredibly useful even in the midst of a big crypto bear market.

Both aspiring and full-time Crypto investors should note that Cryptos are high-risk assets due to their volatility and as such pose a significant risk of permanent and total loss. Prior performance should not be used to predict future results. Methods that have been tried and evaluated in the real world are rarely recommended.

As a result, careful examination of all strategies and viewpoints like VORTECSTM Rating and others is required before jumping into any judgments involving digital assets; consequently, seek the advice of a financial counselor before making any financial decisions.