How To Dress Better Than 99% Of Guys? Here's a Secret
December 17, 2016

How To Dress Better Than 99% Of Guys? Here's a Secret

Have you ever thought to yourself... 

"I have a lot of clothes but when I look in my closet I can't find anything to wear"

"I get confused while shopping. I've already got many clothes but while wearing I keep on changing one to another."

"I don't have the capability of buying my own clothes. I just have the clothes that my girlfriend or wife bought me"

"Tired of my outdated wardrobe and looking for clothes that look good on me"

"I want to improve my dressing sense but I need help as I don't have enough knowledge on it"

“ I  feel like people around me don’t take me seriously because of the way I dress.”

If so, you've come to the right place. 

  • Unsure about the most effective ways to build your wardrobe? 
  • Confused about the conflicting fashion advice you’ve read?
  • Looking for proven wardrobe building guidance that actually, works?

This guide can HELP.!

Now Imagine... 

  • Meeting your friends at the bar, and having every single girl turn her head when you walk past them
  • Never thinking "I have no clue what to wear" ever again. And, effortlessly put together an outfit that's always impressive. 
  • Walking into your office and instantly commanding the attention and respect of your colleagues and your boss.

This guide can help you LOOK GREAT.


And when you FEEL GREAT, great things happen in your life. 

Are you ready to make your life GREAT again? 

==>> Download The Capsule Wardrobe Now


1. A Wardrobe For Every Season Of The Year

2. Save up to $600 every year on shopping by following simple capsule wardrobe building rules

3. Never Waste Money On Clothes You Would Never Want To Wear

4. Find & Wear Stylish, Well-Fitting Clothes That Mix And Match Easily

5. Buy right clothes the first time around

6. Have control over clothes & looks


1. A solid no fluff step by step eGuide. Straight to the point eBook with product photos and specifications to help you build a powerful coordinated wardrobe for life.

2. A complete checklist

Check each thing off as you acquire them.

Checklist of all the items you should have in your Wardrobe, which you can carry along with you next time you go shopping.

3. Special Summer Edition Wardrobe With Shopping Checklist 

4. Winter Edition Wardrobe

5. Summer Outfit Ideas

6. Winter Outfit Ideas

7. Wardrobe Planner Worksheets 


  1. is Less Cluttered
  2. is Visually Appealing
  3. have clothes that effortlessly complement each other
  4. have clothes that make you feel good and look great when you wear them.
  5. have outfits that are flexible and suits all occasions.

I'm sure you're wondering, how's that possible.

It is possible by having a perfect plan for your wardrobe.

How great would it be to have Step by Step information for the whole process of building a perfect wardrobe? ‘

So, here it is.

We've put together a simple, easy to understand and useful step by step guide so that you can build your perfect capsule wardrobe, no matter your budget.

==>> Download The Capsule Wardrobe Now



How To Dress Better Than 99% Of Guys? Here's a Secret #fashiontips

How To Dress Better Than 99% Of Guys? Here's a Secret  #fashiontips

How To Dress Better Than 99% Of Guys? Here's a Secret #fashiontips

How To Dress Better Than 99% Of Guys? Here's a Secret  #mensfashion #streetstyle