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Gadgets That Add Up to Your Style

Being stylish is no longer limited to the brand of clothes a person wears or the car they’re driving. The world is just entering it’s first big push for wearable technology, and these small gadgets are already making high-tech synonymous with high fashion.

The crux of this industry is combining style with usability. Merely looking good isn’t good enough anymore.

People want the right gadgets to compliment both their outfits and their lifestyles, no matter where they go. So finding the perfect balance between elegance and functionality can be a challenge sometimes. Getting it at the right price can be even harder.

Check out these six amazing wearable gadgets for the trendsetting early adopter.  

1. La Roche-Posay My Skin Track – $60

Getting a sunburn is never fun, but it’s hard to know just how regularly to apply sunscreen. No one wants to look like they’re plastered in white cream for most of the day, either. The La Roche-Posay My Skin Track solves this issue and is uber chic to boot.

It’s a wearable UV sensor that tracks the UV exposure on a person’s skin in real-time. While wearing this little gadget, people will get updated information on their phone every second of the day.

What makes this even better is that the La Roche-Posay My Skin Track doesn’t just track UV rays, it also sends information on the pollen count, humidity, and pollution in the area.

2. Hover Camera Passport Drone – $350

Selfie sticks are so passé, but a selfie drone is straight from the future. This drone is tiny enough to fit in a jacket or pants pocket and can be quickly taken out to get that perfect shot. The Hover Camera Passport supports iOS and can capture stunning 360-degree panoramic photos, 13MP aerial shots, and 4K videos.

3. Blinq – $199 

For those who aren’t really keen on slapping a big screen to their wrist, there’s the smart ring. These nifty little rings pack a lot of power into tiny packages. They can act as a fitness and sleep tracker, a way to make quick NFC payments, and open up doors or other locks.

The Blinq stands out because of it’s highly fashionable look and different style/gemstone options. It also comes with a panic button and a notification alert feature via a backlight behind the stone.

4. Harman Kardon Traveler – $159 

Dealing with a lot of different devices while traveling can be a nightmare, not to mention all the chargers that have to go along too. Harman Kardon introduced a new pocket-sized travel device to solve this issue – the Traveler. 

The Traveler is basically a power bank on steroids. With this in hand, a person can charge any of their devices and listen to some tunes through the powerful built-in Bluetooth speaker. They could record a meeting, or speak with other participants in a conference call through the microphone too. 

While it’s not exactly a “wearable,” this device’s sleek, compact design will fit snugly in any bag, pocket, or carry-on suitcase. 

5. Skagen Falster 2 Smartwatch – $295

Also known as the “pretty” smartwatch, the Skagen combines minimalist sophistication with technological advancement. As a feature-rich smartwatch, it will serve even the most avid tech enthusiast’s needs well. 

The Falster 2 is waterproof and supports Google Assistant and Google Pay. It can track the basics, like steps and heart-rate, and allows text and calendar notifications. Plus the interface and strap are customizable to fit any style or outfit. 

6. Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker – $99

Nothing says “the epitome of stylish technology” quite like the Bellabeat Leaf necklace does. This swanky fitness tracker brings all of the glam without the bulkiness of conventional fitness devices. It tracks a whole list of things, including steps, calories, and stress – and syncs all of this with its companion app. The Bellabeat supports both iOS and Android devices. 

Online Safety and Security – Priceless

This fledgling industry is taking off at rocket speed, and there are already concerns about how this will affect people’s privacy and security. Many of these devices connect to mobile phones, which poses a huge security risk if the phone is ever compromised. Wearable technology also forms part of what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). A system that’s already causing plenty of security headaches in its own right.

What all that means is wearable tech, while fun and stylish, should be used with this in mind. People need to adopt new security tools like password managers and VPN technology to keep their devices safe. Always make privacy a priority. Even if the device itself is harmless, the data it’s gathering is not.