Top Tips To Keep Your Garden Shed Secure
April 13, 2021

Top Tips To Keep Your Garden Shed Secure

As the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising, we’ll bet that you’re looking forward to spending a lot more time outside. We know we can’t wait to soak up the sunshine, dine al-fresco with friends (even if it is at a social distance!), and show our outdoor areas some much-needed TLC!

Although it’s been a while since we last stepped out into the garden, we mustn’t forget the most basic security measures. This includes things like using padlocks to secure garden gates and remembering to pack everything up once you’ve finished using it. After all, the garden shed is used to keep expensive gardening tools, barbecuing equipment and/or outdoor play equipment – making it a common target for thieves and vandals.

To help you to protect your shed and its contents from opportunists, here we offer a few security tips:

Top Tips To Keep Your Garden Shed Secure

Choose the location carefully 

As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be able to see your garden shed from the street. If a criminal cannot see it from the road, there’s no reason to suggest that you have one so, they will be less likely to come looking for the treasures it contains. It needs to be visible from the house – just in case someone does attempt to break into it. Though, saying that, you don’t want it to be placed in the middle of your garden as burglars could hide behind it.

Secure the door with a high-quality padlock 

Most sheds these days come with a basic lock, however, we highly advise upgrading to a more secure alternative – something like a hasp and padlock. There is a vast range of padlocks and chains available at LockShop Direct – including closed shackle padlocks that will protect your shed against attack.

Obscure the windows 

Not all sheds have windows but, if yours does, it’s worth covering them. The reason being that a criminal only has to look through the window, spot something of interest, and break the glass to get their hands on it. If your shed is simply used for storage, you could cover up the windows with stick-on sheets that will prevent the glass from shattering. Whereas if you work in your shed, and need the light, you might consider using blinds or curtains to keep unwanted attention out.

Make sure you lock your tools away after use

Ever left your gardening tools out by mistake? Perhaps you’ve remembered to put everything back in the shed but forgotten to lock the door? We’ve all been there but, the truth is, leaving things out or unlocked could compromise the security of your property.

For example, thieves could use the tools to break into your shed or even your house whilst you’re sleeping – helping themselves to your belongings. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to always double-check that you have locked everything away before you go inside. And a great way to keep your shed organised is to use hooks and shelves.