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Signs That Your Walls Need Some Attention

When you spend every day in a room, it's difficult to notice the small changes. But then, eventually, the flaws get so apparent that you can no longer ignore them. Unfortunately, this tipping point makes the marks difficult to fix.

Instead of waiting for the tipping point, here are five signs that your walls may need some attention. If you notice any of these, swing into action and fix them!

Your walls are scuffed.

A new coat of paint is the pride and joy of every homeowner for a while. The walls soon suffer the abrasion of the home's occupants, from marks and dings to scuffs, scratches, and even stains. The abrasion is more common in the house's high-traffic areas like doorways, the entry, and the living room.

Even though they are barely noticeable at first, the marks and scuffs grow harder to ignore over time. When you start to notice the scratches and marks, it may be time for a new coat.

The paint is losing its brilliance.

This is more common on outside walls exposed to weather elements, but it can be seen inside. The paint starts to fade, peel, or lose its brilliance. Unfortunately, the whole room loses its appeal when this happens. The effect is worse if you decorated everything to match the paint.

Suddenly, the curtains don't seem as gorgeous, and the furniture is all wrong. A fresh coat of the same color is the most obvious solution. A different color may throw off the whole room or force you to redecorate.

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You want something different.

The problem may not be with your home's paint, but with the room's general appeal. Even though paint can transform a space, wallpaper adds excitement and variety. You can get them in all kinds of patterns and designs, and change your room however you like.

From a solid brick wall to floral patterns, there are wallpapers in every design you can imagine. If your space has lost its appeal, some wallpaper might be the key to bringing it back to life.

You're looking to sell your house.

Everything about a home can affect its sale price, even though some factors are more weighted than others. For example, a modern kitchen can increase a house’s value by thousands, while the light fixtures may do nothing but motivate buyers.

However, everything counts, especially when you're trying to get the best deal. A new coat of paint can make the house feel fresh, clean, and homely. Be sure to pick a vibrant color to make the house look even more appealing.

You're getting a deep cleaning.

A deep cleaning hunts down every dust mite, stain, and scum in the house. From grime behind the stove to scum in showerheads, deep cleaning gets everything. After a deep cleaning session, your home will be spotless.

If you're going through all that trouble, why not add a fresh coat of paint or some new wallpaper? A new look can complement the feeling of freshness in your home. Plus, it's a good idea to vacate your home at the same time, giving the cleaning and painting crew time to work. You can also get a deep cleaning service in Austin while you paint the house yourself. The choice is all yours.