How to Dress for the Casino – LIFESTYLE BY PS

How to Dress for the Casino – LIFESTYLE BY PS
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How to Dress for the Casino

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There are times when a little more effort is required with regards to your wardrobe: an interview, a wedding, and a first day at the office are the obvious ones.

But there are a few more occasions when your Saturday night shirt and jeans just won’t suffice, one of which is the trip to the casino. Your father may have told you, this but we’ll repeat it anyway:

If you want to be taken seriously, then dress accordingly.

And with the casino being prime territory for bluffing and creating false impressions, we’re of the mind that looking sharp may actually give you an edge over your opponents, particularly if you’re new to the game.

A well-dressed man exudes confidence, which when holding a poor hand at the table and hoping that your opponent will fold, could make all the difference.

So, what do you wear? Should you go full 007 and opt for the dinner jacket? Well, perhaps if you’re in the Monte Carlo Casino or a similarly opulent establishment this might be a great choice.

However, generally speaking, we would err on the side of caution and opt for a dark suit. Navy blue works well as it’s low key and understated enough to not draw too much attention to yourself but still, hints at refined sartorial tastes.

Some might say that the obvious choice for a navy suit would be tan shoes and, in fact, you may have even heard the rule that you cannot wear black with navy.

Well, we beg to differ. While tan shoes look great, the casino is a time for that understated style we mentioned earlier, making black is the right choice.

Black shoes paired with a navy suit takes the whole ensemble up a notch in terms of formality but not too much as to look overdressed.

Your shirt should be a plain white or similarly pale shade and, for bonus street cred, fastened with simple cufflinks.

As with all things sartorial, it’s the little things that often make the difference, and with your opponents looking at your hands as often as not, they will certainly notice those smart accessories.

The tie is a bit of a conundrum. We’d prefer you to wear one as it completes the look, but sitting at the table is all about comfort.

So if an open collar shirt works better for you, then go with that. Just make sure you’re either wearing a plain white undershirt or that you’re buttoned up enough to hide those chest hairs.

If you do opt for a tie, then remember to wear a tie bar that matches your cufflinks to keep it in place.

Your choice of pattern is a personal one, but again we would suggest understated plain tie in a dark hue. However, some may be of the mind that a bold pattern is off-putting enough to distract your opponents at the table.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you want to go down the route of playing mind games with your wardrobe.

Now that you look the part, it’s time to play the part, too. If you’re a beer man, then it’s time to develop a taste for something more refined.

Scotch on the rocks is the perfect drink to give you that distinguished player look. And speaking of playing, you need to know that poker at the casino isn’t quite the same as a night at home with the boys.

There is table etiquette that you must be aware of, which is why we recommend that you brush up on your poker manners so you don’t make an inadvertent faux pas

So, the next time a friend suggests a night at the casino, take more than your usual five minutes to get ready. Think it through properly and dress for the occasion.

You never know, it could make all the difference.

how to dress for casino


fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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fashion ebooks


fashion ebooks

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