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What is Andrew Tate's Real World?

Of all the influential online figures on the internet today, few are as infamous as Andrew Tate.

The former kickboxing world champion turned social commentator is known for his controversial takes on a wide range of social topics. He's gotten banned for it but that hasn't stopped him from launching his latest product, The Real World.

It is an online program he is about to launch that appears to be in the mold of Hustler's University. Let's take a look at what it is all about.

Introduction to Andrew Tate's The Real World

NoBSIMReviews describes The Real World as a community, a membership, or an educational platform that offers people a way out. Tate and his crew have apparently spent months in development and the portal opens soon.

The Real World is a program by Andrew Tate that will teach his followers all the lessons he feels they need to learn to navigate life.

Andrew Tate's Real World

There are a lot of references to The Matrix movies.

The opening video even starts with a black screen that types out "Wake up Neo..."

Andrew Tate's Real World

Andrew refers to society as "The Matrix" and he says that the forces that be want you "poor, weak, alone and complacent."

He then says that when a powerful force like Andrew Tate tries to wake you up, the Matrix attempts to erase him.

Tate is Morpheus in this scenario and this is in reference to when Morpheus wanted to break Neo free from the control of "The Matrix" in the movies.

The "attempts to erase him" part refers to how Andrew got banned from all major social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Before he was cancelled, Tate was calling for people to work hard to break free from the societal expectations. He was telling his followers to work hard to become rich, strong, and well-connected like him.

He was to help them achieve that if they joined his programs, including Hustler's University, The War Room, and now The Real World.

In this case, he wants to "wake you up" and help you experience "the real world" where you are rich. He says that it is a mass portal to escape slavery.

Is The Real World The Same As Hustler's University?

According to Tate, they are not the same. Instead, The Real World is supposed to be an improvement on HU.

In the FAQ section, here is how they answer this question:

"Hustler’s University was Step 1 of our 3-Step Plan.‍

The Real World is Step 2. What is TRW about? MASS EXODUS.

The educational platform at Hustler’s University will be completely outside of the Matrix.‍

The Real World will have a self-reliant infrastructure with no points of attack, so we can teach wealth creation methods never taught before in HU."

It will be like a version of HU that is resistant to cancellation. Apparently, Tate wants to take HU off of Discord where he runs the platform.

It also looks like HU and TRW will be available concurrently because Tate says that HU students will have free access to TRW as long as they keep their HU subscription active.

What is Hustler's University?

Hustler's University 2.0 is an online program offered by Andrew Tate and his helpers (called "professors"). The goal of the program is to show people how to make money online and live a life of financial freedom.

Andrew Tate's Real World

The way Andrew Tate has modeled it is like a community where a bunch of coaches show people how to make money.

There are multiple ways people learn how to make money. Some of the courses offered are in stock analysis, options trading, Copywriting, Freelancing, Flipping, Financial planning, crypto trading, DeFi, E-commerce, Business management and more.

The "professors" who are brought on to teach these subject are vetted by A‍ndrew personally. A prerequisite to become a professor is to show that you make anywhere from 10k to 500k a month in the area you want to teach.

Hustler's University teaches people how to make money in areas that just about anyone can get into. All they do is offer 'just hard hitting lessons in making money." Students have access to "full resources, full lesson plans, and everything you need to get rich."

HU has a monthly subscription format where you pay $49 per month.

How Much Does Andrew Tate's The Real World Cost?

From the promotional content, it appears The Real World launches on November 14th, at a monthly membership cost of $149.

Andrew Tate's Real World

However, Tate says that you can buy a golden ticket that costs $19.

This ticket secures your membership to The Real World for the discounted monthly membership price of $49. So, it will cost as much as Hustler's University in the long run because that program usually goes for $49.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Emory Andrew Tate III, or Cobra Tate, is an American-British former professional kickboxer. He is now a social media influencer and podcaster.

Andrew Tate's Real World

Andrew grew up with his brother Tristan Tate. They come from a relatively humble background. They grew up on a council estate in Luton.

The Tate brothers made their money running a webcam business. They set up their first webcam studio in a two-bed flat and made millions from their various sites.

The way it worked was men would log in and pay to chat with women online. Tristan once blew the lid on it when he said that “it’s all a big scam.” He had no regrets and felt no guilt because according to him, their clients knew what they were getting themselves into.

Tate evolved over the years and became an entrepreneur and content creator. he started offering courses to help people become successful. He did that through an online course called “modern wealth creation” and, of course, Hustlers University.

Before all that Andrew Tate actually had a successful kickboxing career where he won world titles in different weight divisions.

He gained notoriety outside the sport when was on the 2016 season of Big Brother in the UK. He was booted out of the program.

Andrew Tate Kickboxing

Andrew Tate got into boxing and martial arts in 2005. He started competing and won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in Derby, England.

Andrew Tate's Real World

He was the top-ranked athlete in his weight category in Europe having won 17 of his 19 fights.

Andrew Tate's first attempt to claim the vacant ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Championship was unsuccessful. Tate lost to Jean-Luc Benoit on points after 12 rounds. However, he won the rematch three months later in Luton when he beat Benoit via knockout in round 8 of 12 rounds.

He also won the British Cruiserweight title after he beat Daniel Hughes with a first-round KO.

Tate won his second ISKA world title in 12 rounds in 2013 in Châteaurenard, France. It was his second world title in two weight categories. He also won the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Championship in a split decision.

Big Brother Controversy

When Andrew Tate was announced that he'd be appearing on Big Brother, not many people knew much about him. But he would become famous when he was thrown out of the competition when a video was leaked and in it, Tate appeared to beat a woman with a belt.

Andrew Tate's Real World

Andrew Tate felt that his removal was unfair because both Tate and the alleged victim denied any abuse occurred. According to him, the sound of his alleged victim laughing was cut out of the video. He also said that the video edited out the part where towards the end, the woman took the belt and hit him back while they were both laughing.

Andrew also said that the incident was consensual and he even had a clip on Facebook of a woman who said that she was the woman in the video saying, "it was pure game."

Online career

Over the years, Andrew Tate has been using his online influence to steer traffic to Hustler's University. He's often been known to share controversial opinions on how men should treat women.

Why Did Andrew Tate Go Viral?

It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment he blew up because he rose to fame off of a collection of moments. It wasn't down one viral moment or individual clip.

His videos on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube certainly played a part.

Why Was Andrew Tate Cancelled?

Following numerous calls by various people to social media companies to moderate Tate and do something about what they considered hateful rhetoric, most social media companies gave in and kicked him out of their platforms.

You could say that Tate had it coming because he started airing his controversial opinions after the #MeToo movement gained momentum where he sent a series of tweets giving his opinion of what qualifies as sexual harassment. But what people held against him was him saying that sexual assault victims have to bear responsibility for their assaults.

Andrew Tate's Real World

Tate claimed that depression is not a real illness. That got him in trouble because three of his Twitter accounts were suspended at different times. He still managed to get back on Twitter when he created a new Twitter account that got verified to the annoyance of his critics. Twitter defended the move claiming it had verified him erroneously. The account was part of a promotion with Bugatti. The account was later permanently suspended.

He once said that it is easier to get rape charges dropped in Eastern Europe and it is "probably 40% of the reason" he moved to Romania. His house was raided by Romanian police on allegations that he and his brother was involved in human trafficking. It was alleged that he was holding an American woman against her will at his house. The authorities found a Romanian woman and an American woman during the raid and later clarified that the investigation was still ongoing.

Is Andrew Tate Legit?

Although Andrew Tate is a controversial figure, he is legit because what you see is what you get. I should say that Andrew has been accused of running Hustler's University like a pyramid scheme because members who recruit other members get paid a commission courtesy of the affiliate program.

(Note: Andrew Tate halted the affiliate program when he got cancelled. It had to do with his payment processor dropping him)

It is easy to label him illegitimate because he's been widely dismissed for his tasteful hot takes on matters regarding masculinity and how society should function.

That being said, although he makes pretty wild claims about what he can help you achieve, at least he encourages people to work hard. Some people have benefited but many others haven't and it probably has to do with how willing the individual is to put what they learn into practice.

Is Andrew Tate's Real World Legit?

Andrew Tate's Real World is legit. It is his newest product that he will be offering.

It is legit because what you get is what you pay for. It's not like some pyramid scheme where you pay for a membership and never get the lessons. Here, you will get the lessons from Tate and his crew as promised.

That being said, there are no guarantees that the content will be great. Tate has in the past accused of offering generic content for $49 a month with HU yet people could have done better sourcing that content online for free.

So, this is all subjective. Some people will find TRW helpful, others won't.

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