Why Is It Important To Maintain Dental Hygiene
October 31, 2020

Why Is It Important To Maintain Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is the practice of keeping gum, teeth, and tongue clean to avoid mouth infections and tooth decay. We often neglect our oral hygiene, which doesn’t appear to be as much of a problem at first but might become a significant issue over time. It is essential to maintain good dental hygiene.

There are few practices recommended by the dentists to maintain good oral hygiene. These practices include brushing the teeth twice daily, flossing, using mouthwash, cleaning the tongue while brushing, avoiding too much sweet intake, and refraining from tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Bad oral hygiene may lead to many problems with gums and teeth. Some of the significant consequences of neglecting oral hygiene are toothache, tooth decay, swollen gums, ulceration on the tongue, tooth decay, and deteriorating gums.

If not paid attention to, tooth decay might continue and end up reaching the root canal of your tooth. It is recommended that you visit a dentist at least once every three months to get your oral hygiene status checked. Choosing an award-winning dental clinic is always the best decision for your oral health.

A root canal procedure is best if done by the experts, it saves time, and the process becomes less painful when an expert is handling your badly decayed tooth. Before opting for a procedure, it is crucial to know what exactly a root canal treatment process is.

Dental Hygiene

Knowing The Structure Of A Tooth

A tooth is composed of enamel on the exterior, followed by a hard layered substance called dentin. This dentin protects the inner softer layer, called the pulp. This pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. This pulp is essential to form the root of a tooth. 

Sometimes, the tooth decays, and the infection spreads up to the pulp, exposing a nerve ending. Inflammation is seen, and there is a chance of pus accumulation. Endodontic treatment is the best course to recovery in such cases. A proper root canal treatment is suggested and performed by dental experts.

What Is Root Canal Treatment

The root canal procedure involves removing the inflamed pulp from the tooth and sealing the cavity to secure the root end. The process starts with your dentist prescribing you a course of antibiotics to relieve any budding infection.

Once the course of antibiotics is over, the dentist calls you in for the procedure. The standard process starts with the drilling inside your tooth to reach the pulp. The pulp is removed using various tools, preserving the nerve endings. After removing the pulp, the tooth is disinfected to avoid a chance of any possible infection.

Once the tooth is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned, it is filled with a rubber-like material to seal the nerve ending. The tooth is filled and covered with an artificial crown, which protects the leftover tooth from further damage.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The standard procedure for root canal treatment requires a minimum of three sittings with the dentist. The first sitting involves drilling and placing an antibacterial agent on the pulp; this is a comparatively painful process. The second sitting consists of removing the pulp and disinfecting the cavity, followed by sealing the nerve ending. In the final sitting, the cavity is filled and secured with a crown.

A modern root canal treatment requires lesser time than the standard procedure. It is usually done in either one or two sittings. The process feels like a regular filling procedure and is less painful than the traditional practice of root canal treatment.

When Do You Need To Go For A Root Canal Treatment

Very often, people wait till their tooth is completely decayed before visiting a dentist to book a root canal treatment. They should seek consultation when they start noticing that their teeth are becoming very sensitive to hot and cold sensations. Other general symptoms include-

  • Severe pain while chewing
  • Pain while eating something sour or sweet
  • A cracked or chipped tooth
  • Tender gums or swelling in gums
  • Deep decay of the tooth or darkened gums

Don’t Wait For The Damage To Worsen

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Why Is It Important To Maintain Dental Hygiene