Wearing Cowboy Boots: 7 Tips on How to Rock Your New Boots
November 15, 2019

Wearing Cowboy Boots: 7 Tips on How to Rock Your New Boots

Wearing cowboy boots can make for an amazing western look. Read our tips on how to rock your new boots and make them the star of your outfit!

Wearing Cowboy Boots: 7 Tips on How to Rock Your New Boots

Channel your inner Clint Eastwood by rocking cowboy boots in your every day. It’s a great way to show appreciation to America’s rich Western heritage while making a statement with your outfit. But as there are so many variations of cowboy boots and ways to create a stylish outfit, it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start. 

Not 100% ready to show your boots are made for walkin’? Here are seven tips to ensure you’re wearing cowboy boots with style.

1. Know the Different Styles of Cowboy Boots

All cowboy boots are distinctive but there are several main ones, each with their own flair. 

The classic style has a shaft of 12-inches high and a Cuban-style heel which is angled inward. They are designed like this so you can easily slide your boot in the stirrup.

Ropers, on the other hand, have a lower shaft and are designed for rodeos. You’ll notice a rounded toe and a heel similar to a work boot. The Sockman is like the classic look but has a shorter and wider heel.

Buckaroos are the most elaborate and tallest at over 14-inches. They often have detailed embellishment on the shaft and are made to protect your legs.

2. Choose the Right Size 

Like with any pair of shoes, your cowboy boots must fit. Women’s cowboy boots are sized in A, B and C widths, whereas men’s are sized in B, D, and EE widths.

When ordering online, be sure to know your measurements as they vary between manufacturers. To check your size, measure from the longest points of the foot for the length and around the widest part of your calf for calf width.

The easiest way to do this is by drawing around your foot on a piece of paper while standing and measure to check the foot size. You can then use this to compare to the seller’s sizing charts.

3. Match Your Jeans with Cowboy Boots

Before you Google "how to wear cowboy boots with jeans?" it's important that you know the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots. If you have Buckaroo boots, you may want to wear it so that the decorations are on show but most mens western wear jeans over the boots for the best style.

Women who want to rock cowboy boots and jeans should sport skinny jeans as they hug your leg and have little excess material. Avoid stuffing your boots with jeans as they will make your legs look frumpy.

Find boot-cut jeans that are dark and close-fitting so you can accentuate the boots. Don’t worry, the front of the boots will be visible so others know you’re adding a Western flair to your outfit.

Also, medium and dark wash jeans are more versatile and work well with cowboy boots. But avoid light blue washes or acid wash as they look outdated. The same goes for brighter colors like yellow, green or pink.

4. Pick Your Favorite Material and Color 

Cowhide boots are a classic choice and come in brown or black. It’s also possible to find cowboy boots in an array of colors such as red or white.

Or, for the more adventurous, you could choose crocodile or snakeskin to complement your outfit. Suede is another option for a more elegant look although it is harder to maintain.

5. Keep Your Outfit Simple 

Not sure how to wear western boots? The answer: keep everything else simple.

As cowboy boots are a statement piece, wear relatively plain clothes otherwise your outfit will look chaotic and loud. But don’t banish embellishment entirely, as plain black boots can complement patterned dresses or t-shirts.

Also, if you want to make your cowboy boots stand out, layer them with other clothing options. For example, wear tall socks to contrast your boots with the right color. The aim is to pick colors and textures that complement your boots.

6. Wear Only One Western-Inspired Piece 

The last thing you want is to kill your outfit by over-doing it. So keep your suede fringed jacket, cowboy hat, and flamboyant belt in the closet if you’re rocking cowboy boots.  By focusing on one Western-style piece, you’ll show everyone your appreciation of the era without looking like you’re dressing up for Halloween. 

If you do want to hone in on the cowboy theme, try wearing the boots to an appropriate activity especially if you’re not confident at the beginning. For example, wear them horseback riding or to a country music concert to get used to wearing them. It’s also a great way to check out other people’s outfits and get inspiration.

7. Have Confidence!

Don’t lose sleep over how to wear cowboy boots, instead be 100% confident. Cowboy boots are uncommon in most areas and people will notice. Avoid the stares and wear them as you mean it so you carry yourself well. 

Note your body language when you walk and keep you back straight and chest held high. It’s time to wear them as you mean it.

When Will You Next Be Wearing Cowboy Boots? 

Wearing cowboy boots can feel daunting initially but remember, confidence is key. Don’t go overboard with your outfit so you can let cowboy boots shine and avoid wearing too many Western-style accessories. If you are feeling nervous, wear them to places where you’ll fit in and have fun!

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