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The Perfect Bedroom Setup for a Good Night's Sleep

Getting to sleep well at night might be a given for most people out there. But for some people, the process of trying to get some sleep is a complete nightmare. And when you don’t sleep well at night, you’re probably not going to be very productive the next day, and this is the reason for a lot of stress and anxiety.

What a lot of people who have a hard time sleeping are lacking, is the understanding of a perfect bedroom design. Your personal room is an oasis and having all the necessary things around in order to help your body relax and be well-rested is a must. That being said, here are a few tips for the perfect bedroom setup for a good night’s sleep.

Good Night's Sleep

The Mattress

Sometimes, the only thing that you actually need is the right type of mattress. Think about it this way: if once you get into bed, you need to shift your body into 15 different positions in order to find a comfortable one, that’s a huge red sign that suggests you need to go and get a better mattress.

There are countless types of mattresses out there, like airbeds or waterbeds, adjustable mattresses or those for people with different conditions like back pain. Once you find the perfect match for you, you’ll definitely be able to relax more when going to bed.

The Bedding

Sometimes, people underestimate the importance of choosing the right bedding for your body. If you end up sleeping in itchy, uncomfortable sheets, it doesn’t even matter that you bought a new mattress; because, once again, you’re not going to be able to relax.

But we’re all different, so you need to figure out what’s best for your skin. They say that the higher the thread count, the better you’ll feel in those sheets. But if you manage to get something with a thread count over 400, you’ll probably have no issue with your body heat during nighttime. Alternatively, if you struggle with body heat at night, consider temperature regulating blankets made from muslin cotton that are specifically designed to offer a more comfortable and cooler sleeping experience.

The Air Temperature

You don’t want your bedroom to be too hot or too cold, because extreme temperatures will definitely impact your ability to get a good night’s rest. A simple solution is, of course, to go ahead and alter your thermostat.

According to sleep experts, it is indicated to keep your bedroom at a moderate 19 to 23-celsius degrees at night, which is said to be the perfect temperature that helps you sleep well, regardless of the season.

If you don’t have a thermostat in your bedroom, you can consider getting a ceiling fan, a portable heater, or heavy blinds, which will help keep the room dark and will prevent the air in the room from getting too hot.

Sounds and Colors

Have you ever tried playing some background, relaxing music while you’re trying to fall asleep? In recent years, playing rain sounds, sounds from nature, or any type of relaxing musing, has turned out to be a great way for numerous people to ease their minds and fall asleep.

What about the color of your walls and bedroom design? Of course, it’s fun to have your walls painted in bright, flashy color or to have some very non-traditional colored furniture; but in the long run, you’ll probably notice how this choice will affect your ability to sleep.

Instead, you can try using calm, soothing colors, like pastel ones, which can offer you peace and help you relax. If you’re still keen on playing with some color, you can definitely do that by adding some artwork on your walls or having a bunch of bright colored pillows on your bed.

Getting a good rest at night seems to become harder and harder nowadays, with all the craziness in the world, in this digital era that we live in. If you’re not having a serious, medical issue, you can definitely start by making some small changes, like the setup of your bedroom, in order to get on track with your sleeping schedule.