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It’s All in the Details: 5 Accessories You Need When Smoking Cigars

Smoking cigars is a symbol of class. Truly, there are actual research papers on this topic and studies on how branded cigars make smokers feel better about themselves.

This only serves to prove that smoking a cigar is more of a ritual than a simple act of smoking. And like any ritual, it requires proper supplies.

That’s why every man who likes to indulge in an occasional cigar requires a set of specialized accessories.

Bear in mind that where cigars are concerned, accessories serve not only to enhance your style and the ‘beauty of the ritual’.

These items are used to either keep the folded tobacco leaves safe and in proper shape or to allow you to enjoy them fully.

5 Must-Have Cigar Accessories for a True Aficionado

1. Cigar Cutters

Cigar cutters are the most essential accessory for any smoker because without them you won’t be able to smoke.

You can try to bite off the end of a cigar with your teeth, but that’s extremely unhygienic, bad for your breath, and will most likely ruin the cigar.

There are several types of cutters:

  • Punch cut
  • Guillotine
  • V-cut
  • Split

The most popular is the guillotine, which produces a straight cut. However, the difference is personal preference only, so choose the one that works best for you.

2. Cigar Cases

Any fashionable man who wants to have a cigar on hand needs a cigar case. These accessories differ in style and size. The best pieces are made from leather as this material is most efficient for storing cigars.

Do not forget that these aren’t your regular smokes. In order to keep their quality and unique properties, cigars must remain moist to a certain degree.

That’s why they are stored in a humidor. A leather case preserves the moisture and helps you keep the cigars fresh and full of aroma.

3. Humidor

Speaking of humidors, you’ll definitely need one to keep on the table in your study or lounge, so you can show it off to your guests before inviting them to share in the pleasure of smoking a cigar.

These boxes with controlled humidity levels are tiny works of art and can be used as decorations.

They keep your precious cigars safe from sunlight and drying out. You can even use them to restore dried cigars.

Some of the advanced humidors of today have electronic controls and allow you to set the temperature and humidity level.

4. Cigar Holder/Clip

Cigar holders and clips are items like this:

Cigar Holder

Cigar clips

You use them to hold your cigar while smoking, because this process takes a while and a cigar must burn evenly, so no leaving it at an angle in an ashtray.

The clips and holders today are available in a great variety of styles, from plastic clips you can set up on the car dashboard to elegant wooden pieces with handmade carvings.

You should have several to fit any situation as well as a few small and lightweight ones to take with you on a trip.

5. Lighters

It might be obvious, but any cigar smoker knows that a lighter plays a great part in the ritual. When it comes to cigars, it can literally affect the flavour of tobacco.

The best options are either long matches (as lighting a cigar takes time) or flame lighters (the expensive kind with high-quality fuel). Flame is the best option because it’s more ‘gentle’ on the leaf the tobacco is wrapped in.

It’s essential to never use propane lighters on cigars! This type of fuel will totally ruin them. Instead, use a butane torch if open flame is unavailable.

You also shouldn’t light up your cigar from a candle because the chemicals added to them will ruin the flavour of the expensive tobacco.


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