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10 Ways To Be Good In Bed: Tips For Good Sex And Relationships

From trying to convince men to open their eyes with an intriguing game to getting straight into naughty jokes, a collection of the best sex tips for women are here. When getting the shaft, here are ten super-hilarious ways to wake up your man's senses for a day.

Have an open mind

A woman's sexual appetite is more flexible than you might think. She'll happily eat you alive if it means she's getting what she wants. There's no right or wrong in this scenario, only what your woman wants from you.

Focus on pleasuring her, not on yourself

Sometimes our female pleasure is overt. Sure, you can enjoy yourself, but you should actually focus on pleasing her. to do everything you can to show her that she is the centre of your universe, that it is her body that you're thinking about. Her pleasure is YOUR pleasure, not your wish to be satisfied. Remember to let her do her thing, but while she's doing it, in the same context as her. No competing; go with her instead of rejecting her. Do not move yourself. Let her do her thing. Listen to her. Once she stops responding and the interaction is over, assess your performance.

Recognize changes in your bodies

Most people get the gender they are born with; naturally. However, as we age, our brains work differently than when we were young, and hormones slow. This means that sex is not a "fluid" state, and may change over time. The consequence of this is our sex experiences can change. It can become much harder to learn about and be attracted to certain types of people, and it can be extremely difficult to remain attracted to those of our own sex once we're older.

To cope with this, it is essential to learn to appreciate your true nature, particularly if it is to sex

Rule of Cool

But what really counts is how "nice" you look when you're out of it. And that's going to go a long way. He's here because he's cool—cooler than the rest of the chicks in the world. He's not overly charismatic, but he is extremely confident. Coolness is the secret to sex—really, to life.

Know you need to slow down.

 If your libido comes and goes, it may mean you need to be a little more picky about what your sex life looks like. Take some time to reflect on your bedroom needs, then make sure you do things right by stopping if it isn't happening. If you feel like you are not doing enough to satisfy her its time to analyze what’s wrong. I would simply say "Find something to surprise me" and go from there. Maybe its time to get a big penis. Consider penis enlargement! According to studies sex after penis enlargement surgery is more satisfying and works magic to your woman.    

Experiment New Sex Routines

According to a research by Mayo Clinic on sex routines, it showed that similar married couples who used alternative routines reported greater improvement in overall intercourse frequency and sex satisfaction, and overall sex life, compared with couples who regularly engaged in traditional techniques.

Among couples who used mutual masturbation during intercourse, for example, frequency of intercourse went up by 42%, from about three times a month to two-and-a-half times a month. For couples who used a technique called Role Play, both partners engaged in stimulating activities while they masturbated. Overall intercourse frequency went up 50%, from three times a month to five times a month.

Introduce toys

If you're feeling comfortable using "sex toys," you should. Using a clitoral vibrator may help increase your clitoris's sensitivity, but use them more as a standalone tool for stimulation — not an afterthought.

For maximum pleasure, use sex toys like water-based silicone ones, made for couples. Again, the lack of lubrication will be a negative, as it can lead to issues, like painful burning or bleeding. Always use a water-based lubricant, as silicone is porous, and won't grip in your vagina.

Be cautious about using vaginal dildos and butt plugs. These materials are prone to breaking!

Sex Time

Mayo clinic  says people who find themselves on the sleeping relationship path tend to be more satisfied with their sex lives, and they're also more aware of the time that sexual intercourse should take place. Mayo Clinic claims  it's normal for couples to need help with their sex lives, and it's not uncommon for some couples to need to put off sex.

But Mayo Clinic is straight forward.' It's important to make sure the sex you have every day and every night is great and is something you enjoy,' they assert.

This means don't treat sex like a chore or something you have to do; don't put other things on your sex drive to fill the void between your monthly cycles. That's life; you have to allow time for it and your partner has to let you time for it as well. Sex can take care of itself. Too much busy work from a relationship can take away from that.

Give her some love

You might think the sort of woman you like has a need to do this one thing and you're likely right. However, do your job to keep your partner satisfied. A simple task such as cooking for her, getting her the latest products she might want or visiting a doctor. Those things do not keep her satisfied. They don't make her feel special or wanted. Yet we often take them for granted.

Women are used to getting special treatment. However, the best we can do is deliver a little love and the rest will take care of itself.

Final Words

You need good sex. Everyone deserves it. You don't need to use sex toys or tell your partner you need to satisfy him or her. However, when you do use these things, you have to be honest with your partner and yourself about how much you love him or her and how much you need to please them.

Why are people so apologetic about being good at sex? Here's one theory:  sex is difficult. If we did it any other way, we would want to feel guilty. 

Sex is hard to explain to your partner. It is hard to explain to yourself. It is hard to explain to your family! Go Give your partner the best sex you can 24/7!