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Bike Effects: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

There are many reasons why you may want to ride a bicycle more often. Click here to learn all about the bike effects and health benefits

At least 73 per cent of Americans claim to work out at least once per week. The remaining 27 per cent either do not workout regularly or never do. 

Maybe that 27 per cent feel that they don't have the time for exercise, but how many have considered a method that combines a workout with transportation? 

What many may not realize are the highly beneficial bike effects that happen to body and mind.

Enjoying the fresh air is great, of course, but a lowered risk of disease and weight loss are even better. Note: the benefits of cycling in the gym are the same. So, if you're wondering, is cycling a good workout, read on.

1. Lose Weight and Find Energy

Cycling is an excellent low-impact way to get fit and stay fit. It burns away body fat by increasing metabolic rates. The benefits of weight loss are many, from lower risk of disease to better sleep, healthier eating habits, and improved sex life.

2. Lower Stress

Exercise is a natural stress reliever and cycling is even better because you can do it outside. Cycling with friends or groups is also a great way to socialize and make emotional connections, which also reduces stress.

3. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Exercise, like cycling, decreases the risk of stroke, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. It gets the blood flowing throughout the circulatory system and air moving through the respiratory system. 

4. Lowered Risk of Disease

Regular exercise lowers the risk of cancer--colon and breast cancer specifically--as well as cardiovascular disease.

5. Strengthens Joints and Major Muscle Groups

Cycling works the major muscle groups, especially the legs. It also improves joint mobility. Since it is a low impact exercise, it does not stress the joints, but instead improves joint mobility. Regular cycling improves balance and coordination as well.

6. Increase Strength and Stamina

Exercising on a consistent basis strengthens muscles and stamina, allowing cyclists to increase their workout times. It also provides a natural energy boost throughout the day.

However, safety is something to keep in mind when riding on streets and bike paths, so be alert and obey traffic signs and signals. It’s also important to keep your bike tuned up and to maintain proper air levels in bike tires. Some cyclists find that using an air compressor for bikes gets better results than hand pumps.

7. Improved Mental Health

Exercise has been linked to a reduction in conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression. It sends endorphins to our brains reducing pain and triggering feelings of pleasure and even euphoria. It lowers stress, which also contributes to good mental health.

Bike Effects

Is riding a bike good exercise? The answer is yes, but you may be interested in both cycling benefits and disadvantages. 

One potential disadvantage would be if you suffer from an illness or injury where recovery would be affected. You should consult with a doctor if this applies to you. 

Now you know the many great bike effects on health and wellness. It's time to get out there and start losing weight, feeling better, sleeping better, and getting your cycling exercise!

Benefits of Riding a Bicycle